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  • USE THE BUDDY SYSEM: Always go to parties with at least one friend and stay in proximity. Make sure you leave the party together. You are responsible for each other and can help make sure that the other is safe and gets home okay. Make sure you designate a “sober buddy”.
  • KNOW HOW YOU ARE GETTING BACK HOME: Whether it is walking or using a ride service, know how your plan for getting home safely. Have this established and agreed upon before going to the party.  You can also time your exit based on these plans.
  • KEEP YOUR DRINK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES: Too often, people put their drinks down for a second, which may invite opportunity to slip something into a drink. NEVER leave your drink unattended.
  • BRING YOUR OWN CLEAR PLASTIC CUP WITH A LID: Starbucks and Walmart stock and sell these all the time.  Use a straw and keep the lid on the cup.  Make it impossible for someone to slip something into your cup.
  • BRING YOUR OWN DRINK AND DRINK YOUR OWN DRINK: Only accept sealed drinks in a can or bottle and open them yourself.
  • FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, IF SOMETHING FEELS WRONG, IT LIKELY IS: Your instincts are always correct. If something is feeling uncomfortable, leave the situation or seek the help. This is where a “sober buddy” will come in handy.
  • KNOW YOUR DRINKING LIMIT, AND DON’T SURPASS IT! Drink water and pace yourself.
  • TELL FRIENDS YOUR PLANS AND WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK. Ongoing communication will help with ensuring your overall safety. If there is someone who knows where you will be and when you should be home, then there is someone who will call the authorities if you do not return as planned.
  • REMEMBER THAT ANYTHING YOU DO MAY END UP ON THE WEB. Just something to keep in mind when conducting yourself. Do not do anything you don’t want out there for all to see.