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We offer empowerment and confidence building programs for schools, sports teams, guides and scout troops, church and youth groups, and various common interest groups; facilitated by professionals with ‘boots on the ground’ experiences. Our team comes to your location with our equipment to offer programs from 1-3 hours. These programs are all available by request for ages 6 to seniors.

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Our team comes to your school with a 2 hour program for elementary, middle, and high school students. We provide instruction to increase the students’ situational awareness and confidence. The presentation is based on our SafeKids and SafeTweens programs, with the focus on interaction, skill building, and creating a Personal Safety Plan. We encourage a new and ongoing climate for communication, conversation, and support within the school community as it relates to school/life interactions. We offer two funding options:

  • Programs are paid for by each family for their own students. Safe4Life handles the individual registration and communication process. Rates for individual student registration start at $40 per child.
  • Parent councils or school curriculum budgets pay for Safe4Life programs. Group rates for school programs start at $850 per class of 25 students.


Youth sports teams use our classes as both a team building exercise, as well as instilling and communicating important “Life Skills” to the athlete. Safe4Life joins your hockey, lacrosse, soccer, or any sport team with a fun and interactive skill and confidence building program. In these 1 – 2 hour sessions, we show your athlete how to manage in a threatening situation in or out of the arena or facility. 4Steps to Escape, 4Keys to Safety and developing a Personal Safety Plan are significant parts of this program aimed at youth and teens. We encourage a new and ongoing climate for communication, conversation, and support among teammates. The Padded Attacker can be included upon request. Group rates for sport teams start at $450 for up to 20 youth athletes.


Our 60 to 75 minute session include skills for awareness, developing confidence, establishing boundaries, and practicing self defense maneuvers. These programs are for children ages 6 – 16 years of age. The condensed SafeKids and SafeTeens program is offered for Girl Guide and Boy Scout groups. As with all our community programs, we encourage participants to share their new skills with friends and family members along with encouraging ongoing conversations to foster open communication. Rates start at $200.


Safe4Life is contracted by communities and common interest groups to present to their members. Communities may request the following programs:

  • SafeTots – Our program for young children between the ages of 3-5 years is aimed a preschoolers and their parents. Daycares, parent/tot groups and ECS classes invite our instructor to support the early learning of keeping private parts private and recognizing the Uh-Oh in their tummies as a sign danger. Songs and rhymes that children will remember are part of this 45 minute class.
  • SafeKids – This high energy interactive program will give your children a Safety Plan they can use. Topics include ABCD’s of Personal Safety, The Safety Cheer, recognizing and using their intuition, skills for confidence, and basic and effective hands-on practice. Children leave this class with knowledge, awareness and solid physical skills that they will retain for years to come. Parents are invited to observe the program with their children, with the intention of continuing the personal safety conversation at home. This 2 hour program is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for your children between the ages of 6-10 years.
  • SafeTweens- A Safety training program offering hands on skills for youth in a fun and interactive environment. Tweens will become aware of the need for solid boundaries, how to use their intuition to interpret a situation and how to avoid dangerous and risky interactions. Students develop their own Safety Plan and have opportunity to practice their new skills with a Padded Attacker. This 2 hour program is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for your tween between the ages of 11-15 years.
  • SafeAdults/ SafeTeens – Our extremely popular self defense class will support participants to develop specific strategies and skills necessary to notice risky situations and avoid them. 4Keys to Escape, 4Keys to Safety, situational awareness and other confidence building topics are covered. Participants practice hands-on self defense maneuvers and have opportunity to use these skills in a safe process with a Padded Attacker. This 2 to 4 hour program can include the Padded Attacker Experience is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for teens and adults ages 16+.
  • Mother/Daughter Program – This 3 hour program is designed to offer mothers and daughters the opportunity to experience the bonding of empowerment and confidence that results from taking this program together. Parents discover the strength and determination of their child as they practice the physical skills. They are relieved at the peace of mind when they see their daughters escape the Padded Attacker Experience. The Mother/Daughter program is an effective and age-appropriate version of the Safe Adults curriculum modified to fit the average age of the youth in attendance.

The Padded Attacker can be added for the SafeTweens, SafeTeens and SafeAdult classes for an additional fee.

And more!

Tell us what you want. Any of the above programs can be customized to meet your individual needs and requests. Self Defense for small groups, a shortened timeframe, a longer timeframe, a unique celebration, or help to work through a trauma can all be accommodated…. just ask.

My Women’s Book Club (OK, it’s a Wine Club!) has been talking about doing a self defense class for ages and finally we set it up. We are so glad we did! Our group was on the smaller side with only 11 of us but we had the best experience with the instructor and padded guy. We laughed, we cried and became closer as a group. We appreciate the work you do, thank you.

Kristen, and 10 other strong women

We had Safe4life hold a class for our church group. The instructor was fantastic, she spoke directly to the children and did a fantastic job of keeping a pretty large group of young kids engaged and participating throughout the entire class. The class we attended was a few weeks ago and the children are still reciting the safety chant! The class opened up some great conversations with the kids who attended and was also informative to the parents who were present. I highly recommend this class!

Ming C.

Safe4Life has come to our Guide group every year for the last 4 years. They always do a great job with our kids – a lively and interactive program that keeps the kids engaged and interested. Even the girls who attended these programs last year still get great benefit from it. Thanks so much for continuing to share these great skills with our Guiding community.

Remmy C.

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