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Public Programs

We offer empowerment and confidence building programs for children, teens, adults and seniors; facilitated by professionals with ‘boots on the ground’ experiences. Our public programs take place four times a year, but we do offer each of these course by request as well.



SafeTeens and SafeAdults Public Class

Calgary, AB // 9:00am – 1:00pm

Are you ever concerned for your loved ones safety or yours when away from home? In just 4 hours, we show you how to take charge of a potentially dangerous situation and avoid or defeat an attack by a determined perpetrator.



SafeTweens Public Class

Calgary, AB // 1:30pm – 3:30pm

One of a kind Self Defense class for Tweens ages 11 – 15, classes will assist tweens to become aware of the need for solid boundaries, avoid potentially dangerous situations, and teach them to defend against and escape a possible perpetrator.

new physical skills

Padded Attacker thumpings

safer people


This high energy interactive program will give your children a Safety Plan they can use. Topics include ABCD’s of Personal Safety, The Safety Cheer, recognizing and using their intuition, skills for confidence and basic yet effective hands-on practice. Children leave this class with knowledge, awareness and solid physical skills that stay with them for years to come. Parents are invited to observe this program with their children with the intention of continuing the personal safety conversation at home. This 2 hour program is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for your children between the ages of 6-10 years.

$59 per child


A Safety training program offering hands on skills for youth in a fun and interactive environment. Tweens will become aware of the need for solid boundaries, how to use their intuition to interpret a situation and how to avoid dangerous and risky interactions. Students develop their own Safety Plan and have opportunity to practice their new skills with a Padded Attacker. This 2 hour program is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for your tweens between the ages of 11-15 years.


$69 per tween

SafeTeens/ SafeAdults

This popular self defense class will support participants to develop specific strategies and skills necessary to notice risky situations and avoid them. 4Keys to Escape, 4Keys to Safety, situational awareness and other confidence building topics are covered. Participants practice hands-on self defense maneuvers and have opportunity to use these skills in a safe process with a Padded Attacker. This 4 hour program is a perfect combination of situational awareness skills and physical training for teens and adults ages 16+.


$109 per person

And more!

Tell us what you want. Any of the above programs can be customized to meet your individual needs and requests. Self Defense for small groups, a shortened timeframe, a longer timeframe, a unique celebration, or help to work through a trauma can all be accommodated…. just ask.

My daughters truly enjoyed the class. They talked about it all the way home and have continued the conversation. I think it has opened up communication about safety and being able to protect ourselves in a way that isn’t scary or frightening, but instead is common sense. We highly recommend this program to all families of younger children.

Munira K.


I loved this class. I was cornered on a train platform earlier this year and had no idea what to do. It was terrifying!  If I had known about fighting back and shouting for help, it would have been a way different story. I was worried and freaking out about that when I went against the Blue Man because I am on the smaller side. I was amazed at how strong I was – it was thrilling to get away from him. I would have loved to have been able to do that on the train platform.

Kathy D.


I realize that my kids are stronger than I thought. They both managed to escape the big Blue Man far quicker than I thought they would! Its hard as a parent to watch that attack role play but it was good for me to see they could handle themselves. The instructor packed a lot of great information into the two hours, and she was so much fun. My kids learned a ton today, I will be sharing this program with our school.

Lynn R.


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