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Corporate Programs

We offer empowerment and confidence building programs for employers to support the personal safety of their valued employees, based on our SafeAdults curriculum. Our trainers come to your location, with our equipment, and teach your employees how to be safe for life! These programs are all available by request. 

Alberta corporations

Padded Attacker experiences

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Corporate and staff development programs based on our SafeAdults curriculum

Employees can be met with risky situations on their way to or from work, within the work environment itself, and on their own personal time. Parkades, stairways and other confined secluded spaces, requirements for late or early work hours, or interactions with difficult customers all pose potential risks for employees.

Employers contact us with a date, time and location to hold the class for their staff team. Our trainers come to the organization with our equipment to accommodate up to 20 people in a class with the SafeAdults curriculum.

We have options ranging from a 1-hour Lunch and Learn presentations stating at $399, up to and including 2-4 hour programs. The 2-4 hour programs can also include the Padded Attacker Experience.

Conflict Management

This program is of interest to employers who want to ensure the safety and professionalism of their employees and the respect of customers they serve. Property Management organizations, Real Estate companies, and Building or Commercial Security Services are just some of the industries who request our programs for employees to enhance their skills and manage potentially conflictual interactions. Our Conflict Management Program provides a comprehensive and efficient strategy for respectfully managing difficult clients and working towards a win/win.

The Conflict Management Program is a 1.5 hour session starting at $100 per person. Adjustments are made to pricing based on the duration and number of participants.

The Conflict Management Program can be scheduled on its own or in combination with the Self Defense Program for a 3-4 hour comprehensive training which can include the Padded Attacker Experience. The Combination Conflict Management and Self Defense program starts at $175 per employee.

Security Guard Training

For Continuing Professional Education

Our team is certified to offer enhanced training for Security Guards to create an understanding of Use of Force, and Powers of Arrest Sections of the Criminal Code of Canada. This program clarifies and describes security officer responsibilities during potential physical and verbal confrontations. The SafeAdults and Conflict Management curricula are used in conjunction with the Canadian Legal Concepts course for an 8 hour intensive training program. A written exam and certificate of completion is part of this program designed for Professional Security Guard Personnel.

And more!

Tell us what you want. Any of the above programs can be customized to meet your individual needs and requests. Self Defense for small groups, a shortened timeframe, a longer timeframe, a unique celebration, or help to work through a trauma can all be accommodated…. just ask.

Safe4Life came to our office last week and presented the self defense class. We appreciated to thoughtful and systematic way the message is delivered. The balance of lecture-style material with the hands on and blueman was just great. Thanks to the young man who put on the suit to let us try out our new skills – that is a tough job for sure! This is a must for all organizations who value their employees.

Robert W.

HR Manager

We offered the self defense and conflict management training to our front-line 24-hour customer service staff. Unfortunately, they are subjected to many difficult and complicated interactions with some of the people who use our service. The conflict program combined with the self defense information was truly beneficial. The feedback from our staff was positive with many comments about feeling more equipped about managing in their role. The hand-outs are useful and will be posted in our lunchroom.

Simran S.

Customer Relations Supervisor

We were so pleased to have Safe4Life travel to Edmonton for a class with our property management and security staff. The flow of the program that builds from one concept to the next is presented very professionally leading up to the practice with the Blue Man. That was an amazing experience for many of our people. We are already planning for 3 more classes next quarter.

Tony D.

Security Manager

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