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Recently I was contacted by a local radio station (interview to come soon!) to comment on an article written by Meghan Collie of Global News (Posted October 18, 2019). In her article, she references a survey that was done in April 2019 by Runner’s World. “A recent survey conducted by Runner’s World found that 67 per cent of women reported feeling at least “sometimes concerned” that they would be physically assaulted while running. And 16 per cent said that, at one point or another, they’ve actually feared for their lives.”

While there are many comments to be made about the continued risk that women face while performing tasks of daily living, including jogging or running, I choose here to provide some tips that may be helpful to ensure their safety.

1. Run in a group, with a partner or with a dog.

2. Run on sidewalks in residential or commercial areas in daylight hours – or better yet, run on an indoor track.

3. Do not wear headphones.

4. Carry a personal alarm or whistle in your hand and use it!

5. Be alert to the people and vehicles around you – tune into your vicinity of 30-50 feet.

6. Make eye contact with people who may also be on your running path.

7. Use your instinct – if it feels uncomfortable or risky, change your route.

8. If you are grabbed; scream loudly and fight back. NEVER give up and don’t go to a secondary location. Report the incident immediately.