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Oxford English dictionary defines ‘plan’ as: “An intention or decision about what one is going to do

To have a plan is to be prepared. It is the thinking, in advance, of how an event or scenario will likely play out.  Having a plan sets one’s mind at ease, and brings about peace of mind because the details are already mapped out. There is little to worry about if there is a plan in place; it brings comfort knowing that the answers are already there.

The best time to make a plan is well in advance of an event or scenario. We have time to think about it, shape it, intend it, and inform people important to us, of the details. It is like an exam for which we have studied, rather than the one for which we have not.

In a self protection Safety Plan there are specific strategies that must be considered for maximum effectiveness, and a favorable outcome; minimizing risk and saving your life.

A Safety Plan needs to be developed well in advance of a threatening situation – just like the exam for which we have studied! Thinking about it, planning and mapping it out in our minds will ensure that we know what we need to do, if ever we are threatened.

There are three main components to an effective Safety Plan:

  1. Scream and Yell – create as much noise and chaos as possible. Let others know you need help.
  2. Fight Back –a perpetrator wants a compliant victim – don’t be one!
  3. Run – find another person to help you – have that person phone the police for you.

The statistics of physical attacks, especially on women, are staggering, and far too many acts of violence are not even reported.

Preparing ourselves with a solid and effective Safety Plan will help to ensure that we can protect ourselves and not be included in the statistics. Take a Self-Defense course; learn the effective strategies to protect yourself.