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• NO is a complete sentence! You do not need an explanation or a justification. Your life and wellbeing are much more valuable than a polite response. 

• Trust your intuition: This is the only information you need! When your gut sends out the alarm of doubt or suspicion, believe it and respond. 

• Notice Body Language – it makes up 90% of all Communication: Staring, clenching fists, fidgeting, shaking or trembling, walking directly toward you…all signs of risk. 

• Live in a constant state of alert: Look people in the eyes, scan in front and behind you, watch people and notice how you feel in their presence. Look for anything that may seem strange or out of place; don’t turn your back on it. Know where your exits are.

• Show a Strong and Deliberate Presence: Head up, shoulders back, brisk walk, present as confident and purposeful, keys in hand, eye contact. 

• Set your Boundaries: Establish an arm’s length space around yourself and be solid in protecting it. If someone enters your space, take a step away from them to maintain your space. If they step toward you again, it’s clear their intentions are risky, you need to leave the area immediately. 

• Use verbal and physical commands: Hands up in front of you (the universal sign for No or Stop). Shout firmly “NO”, or “STOP” or “BACK OFF”. No need to be polite, no need to be friendly. 

• Physical Tactics: use your fists, palms, elbows, and back of your head. Kick shins or knees, stomp on their foot, poke their eyes, strike their groin, throat or ears. Predators don’t like fighters or any kind of chaos…so fight back and create chaos! 

• Surprise is the predator’s advantage, and it can also be your advantage; keep your eyes on them, don’t let them get close, shout, strike back…use the element of surprise on them.