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  1. Have a “this is how are we getting home” plan with a trusted buddy.  Make that plan before you leave home or the office for your party.  At the party, check in with your buddy regularly.

  2. Have a code word with your buddy – use it when you are ready to leave, and agree to leave when your buddy uses the code word.

  3. Plan your alcohol consumption, monitor it and monitor your buddy’s.  Plan to arrive with, stay with and go home with your trusted buddy.

  4. Buy your own, and drink your own, drinks.  Keep your drink with you.

  5. Stay aware – have fun but tune into the environment around you.  Know that alcohol consumption can lead to lowered inhibitions and risky, reckless behavior. From here, assaults can and do happen. Make a commitment to be in control and on guard. Look out for yourself, your buddy and others who may be at risk.