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Safe4Life believes that our four keys to personal safety can be used to get out of, and help prevent, almost any and all dangerous situations. Here are some helpful tips, using our four keys, to help keep you safe while out enjoying and partying this Stampede!

  1. Be aware – Notice your environment, look around your location, check in regularly with your buddies.  Constant vigilance to your surroundings will keep you alert to strange or unusual activity and an escape route if need be.  Make eye contact with people so they are more likely to see you as confident and in control, thus a less likely target.  Know that alcohol and assaults often go hand in hand.  Make the choice to be aware and limit the risks.
  2. Establish your Boundaries – Determine your level of risk with the events and activities prior to leaving the safety of your home. Decide in advance how much you will drink, and stick to that plan; decide in advance how you will get home and with whom, and stick to that plan; decide where your party activities will take you, and stick to that plan.  Monitor your alcohol consumption and your buddy’s alcohol consumption.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of your decisions – you created them in a solid and lucid state of mind, when your brain was thinking straight!  Stick to those decisions.
  3. Use your intuition – Intuition is your primal response to fear. It is there to remind you that the environment is not safe.  Even if you cannot prove that there is anything to fear, your intuition is never wrong! EVER!  When you feel the “heebee jeebees”, get out of that situation.  Your body is screaming at you about the danger that is pending, and that it is time to leave.
  4. Make a Safety Plan – Have a discussion with your buddies about the importance of staying together and coming home together. Buy your own drink and drink your own drinks. Agree on a code word or a password that indicates your discomfort in any situation, and or your desire to leave a situation.  Decide in advance that you will leave together if either one of you are approached in an unwanted or uncomfortable way.  Stand up for each other and your mutual safety.