What is Safe4Life?

More Than Self Defense

Safe4Life is the only confidence building class that teaches skills and strategies to children, teens, and adults in schools, workplaces, and communities. Our participants want to keep their loved ones and themselves, safe from harm at the hands of someone they know or don’t know during a time when statistics of abuse, assault, and bullying are skyrocketing.

Safe4Life teaches a complete Safety Plan that includes mental, emotional, and physical skill responses. These are skills that all individuals can readily and automatically access in a scary or dangerous situation. It is these skills: personal presence, confidence, and awareness that are required for lifelong personal safety – defining an effective Safety Plan

Safe4Life helps keep communities safe.


Looks like Anna-Kat from ABC’s American Housewife took our class…Check it out!




I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, specifically at the course. Your support, and encouragement to get back on that mat truly has left such a lasting impact on me. I mean everything I say in the testimonial – I have experienced such a vast positive life change from taking this course, and of course from knowing you. THANK YOU!”   Read More

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